Artusi Drills: Focused Practice Builds Fluency

Built on the same powerful web platform as our interactive workbooks and textbook, Artusi Drills let students focus on one skill at a time, repeating the same exercise until they reach fluency. Exercises include everything from aural skills to counterpoint to post-tonal theory!

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Musically intelligent feedback and infinitely generated questions give students all the practice they need. Each level builds on the previous one, encouraging and challenging students to further develop and hone their skills. Instructors can view student progress in the Gradebook, including time spent practicing, questions answered right/wrong, and level of fluency.

Artusi Drills are just one feature of our revolutionary online platform! Did you know you can use Artusi to build your own assignments, exams, textbook chapters, and more? Save time with our automatic grading and customizable curriculum. Create an account now to see more:

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