Introducing: Interactive Fundamentals Textbook!

We are proud to introduce a revolution in music education: a fully customizable, interactive music fundamentals textbook that you can use anywhere, anytime—right in your browser!

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Students build skills in real time as they read, with interactive exercises interwoven throughout the text. As with all Artusi content, students receive instant feedback on their work.

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Even more exciting: you can customize the textbook to suit your teaching style, just like any Artusi curriculum. Reorder, delete, edit, add, swap out examples—we’re here to support you, however and whatever you teach.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Beat and Meter Try out a sample chapter!
Chapter 2: Rhythm and Note Types
Chapter 3: Ties and Dots and Beams
Chapter 4: Pitch in Treble Clef
Chapter 5: Bass Clef, Melodies, and Accidentals
Chapter 6: Enharmonics, Whole Steps, and Half Steps
Chapter 7: Generic Intervals and the C Major Scale Try out a sample chapter!
Chapter 8: Subdivisions and Compound Meter
Chapter 9: Major Scales Generally
Chapter 10: Tonic and Dominant Triads
Chapter 11: Specific Intervals and Triad Types
Chapter 12: Subdominant Triad and I-IV-V-I
Chapter 13: Major Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths
Chapter 14: “Chives”: Non-Harmonic Passing and Neighbor tones
Chapter 15: Minor 1: Natural/Modal Minor
Chapter 16: Minor 2: Harmonic and Melodic
Chapter 17: Chords in First inversion
Chapter 18: Chordal Dissonance and the Dominant Seventh