Full Access

39.99 / student (usd)

4 months, non-renewing

  • Students can purchase an individual license.
  • Artusi also offers site licenses for institutions.
species exercise in Artusi

Full Artusi access is completely free for instructors!

We offer individual licenses at a rate of 39.99 usd for four months of access. Students will be prompted to purchase a license when they first sign up, and again in the future if their license expires. (Licenses do not auto-renew.) Students have a grace period of three assignments or three weeks, during which time they can access their assignments, but neither the student nor the instructor will be able to see the student's grade until they have an active license. After the grace period, the student will not able to access their assignments.

Once a student has purchased their license they will have full access to your course. Paid access also unlocks the ability to track progress on Artusi Drills, which let students practice fluency-based exercises in ear training and written theory.

Site licenses are calculated at the same rate as individual access: 39.99 usd per student per semester. We simply invoice you for a rough estimate of students and then adjust as necessary based on enrollment (we only charge for the seats you actually use). Instructor accounts are always completely free.

With the site license, you and the students have access to everything in Artusi: our fluency-based practice drills in ear training and written theory, customizable textbooks, and our entire workbook curriculum covering AP Music Theory, Theory I-IV, and Aural Skills—plus the ability to build your own course materials (assignments, exams, practice exercises, etc.)

Have more questions about site licenses in Artusi? Email Artusi support at

Yes! Individual learning is free with the Artusi curriculum, which includes dozens of workbooks covering AP Music Theory, Theory I-IV, and Aural Skills. Individual learners can also practice their skills with Artusi Drills, which cover a wide range of exercises.

Placement Exams

19.99 / exam (usd)

  • Exams for placement in colleges, universities, and schools of music
  • Contact to get set up

Exam Study Materials

19.99 / student (usd)

  • Custom-designed study materials to help students prepare for their exam
  • Contact to get set up

How Artusi stacks up

Artusi logo Harmonia logo Auralia logo
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Enables remote learning: all features available on the web
No download required
Fully compatible on all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile
Full music fundamentals curriculum
Full aural skills curriculum
Advanced harmony, counterpoint, and post-tonal techniques
Single platform for aural skills and written theory
Cost for instructor accounts Free Free $269