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…so you have more time for making and studying music.

Artusi Aural Skills I

The world’s first interactive, fully customizable textbook for aural skills

For a limited time, instructors using Artusi receive free access to a fully customizable, interactive aural skills textbook that you can use anywhere, anytime—right in your browser! Use it right away in your class, or customize it to fit your teaching style.
Instructors using Artusi can create their own custom content or use our curated curriculum for assignments, for in-class or for virtual instruction, or exams, including placement exams for colleges, graduate schools, and high schools. See more about how it works.

What our users are saying

Artusi is a game-changer for those who are learning music theory for the first time. Being able to get instantaneous feedback while doing theory exercises is extremely invigorating and liberating. Doing exercises on Artusi is more addictive than playing Candy Crush—and you’ll learn more music theory doing so!

– Hubert Ho

Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

Artusi is an excellent tutor that quickly rewards the fast-moving students and is infinitely patient with those having difficulties. With Artusi, students can practice at their own pace, on any device. My students are progressing faster with Artusi.

– Sebastian Birch

Associate Professor of Music, Kent State University Stark

Artusi freed up time for me and my TAs to focus on the musical and the exceptional. The final composition projects were the best I have seen, and some were exceptionally fine. I attribute this to the shift of focus that Artusi enabled.

– Matthew Barnson

Associate Professor of Composition, Stony Brook University

I plan to continue using Artusi even after we go back to in-person teaching. The aural component is a real plus for students doing theory exercises. Artusi has been a lifesaver for my classes!

– Paula Telesco

UMass Lowell

Artusi saves me time while improving the students' learning experience. I particularly like the counterpoint and part writing assignments. It is incredibly customizable from the rules applied to the chords provided. Artusi’s support has been fantastic as well.

– Maddy Tarantelli

Assistant Professor of Horn, Utah Valley University

Praise for Artusi shows up regularly in my student evaluations. They appreciate the instant feedback—with a few students going so far as to call it fun. That's a first.

– Robert Bowen

Professor of Music, Mt. San Antonio College

Artusi did everything I needed and I was able to customize the exercises to reflect exactly what I wanted them to work on and learn.

– Thomas Cody

Instructor of Music Theory, Penn State University

Thanks for all the work you do! Artusi has really transformed several of my courses and made my job a lot easier!

– Stephen Hudson

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Richmond

Many thanks for this great music learning platform! Most effective I've used, and the students are making great progress in a broad sense. It really helps me fill in the gaps in their learning!

– Christian M. Newman

Lecturer, University of New Mexico

The customer support was exceptional, my students enjoyed practicing and learning with it, and I'll use Artusi again.

– Jeff Forehan

Director of Commercial Music, West Valley College

The majority of my students' assignments are now in Artusi. They don't have printers, but they do have access to a computer, or a tablet, or a phone, so they have the ability to use Artusi.

– Terrance Evans

Professor of Music, Tougaloo College

Not only is the content exceptional, but your customer service is, too. Thank you for your hard work, and for giving us Artusi! It is a top-notch tool for our high school students. Simply put: Our kids love Artusi!

– DJ Alstadt

Director of Bands, Naperville Central High School
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Harmony & Counterpoint

4-Voice Part Writing

Species Counterpoint

Embellishing Tone Creation

Chord Dissonance Resolutions

Chord Progressions


Chord, Scale, & Interval Spelling

Missing Barlines, Note Lengths

Enharmonic Spelling

Motion Identification

Exercises showing chord creation

Aural Skills

Harmonic, Melodic, & Rhythmic Dictation

Chord, Scale, & Interval Identification

Hearing Incorrect Scales

Pitch Direction

Harmonic dictation example

Post Tonal

Twelve Tone Rows

Pitch Class Cardinality

Neo-Riemannian Operations

Tone row creation
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