Aural Skills I

Following the success of our Interactive Music Fundamentals, we are proud to introduce another revolution in music education: a fully customizable, interactive aural skills textbook that you can use anywhere, anytime—right in your browser!

Students build skills in real time as they read, with interactive exercises interwoven throughout the text. As with all Artusi content, students receive instant feedback on their work.

Artusi’s Aural Skills I is just as customizable as our other textbooks and workbooks. Reorder, delete, or add chapters, and edit the text itself! Artusi empowers your pedagogy from beginning to end.

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Table of Contents

The entire textbook is customizable, including the table of contents!
Chapter 1: Rhythm and Meter
Chapter 2: Pitch
Chapter 3: Intervals, Pt. 1 (Generic Intervals)
Chapter 4: Intervals, Pt. 2 (Specific Intervals)
Chapter 5: Beat Division in Simple Meter
Chapter 6: Chords
Chapter 7: Compound Meter
Chapter 8: Interval Review and Melodic Dictation
Chapter 9: Harmonic Dictation
Chapter 10: Rhythmic Subdivision
Chapter 11: The Minor Scale
Chapter 12: Inversion
Chapter 13: More Minor